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Free Pattern Friday: Color Block Ear Warmer!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! We're only 3 days away from December and it's supposed to reach 50 degrees this week here in Connecticut! Thankfully, it's still chilly enough in the morning and late evening to still be able to wear all of these winter accessories I've been busy working on.

After finishing my Silver Bells Winter Beanie, I still had a tiny skein of yarn left in both colors. Rather than letting it waste away in my sea of yarn, I decided to make a matching color-block ear warmer! I had chosen the color scheme for both the hat and ear warmer not just because they contrast nicely, but also to represent our state university colors (Go Huskies!) I figured it would make a great accessory for attending some last minute football games this year!

This pattern is so easy, I honestly made it while cooking my husband dinner, so roughly 30 minutes! It fits nice and snug around my ears, and it's the perfect width to be able to cover everything without feeling too bulky.

So go ahead and grab your two favorite colors of yarn with a nice hot beverage and lets get started!

Color Block Ear Warmer


1 skein weight 6 yarn in 2 colors (I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in “Navy” & Lion Brand Hometown USA in “Springfield Silver”)



N - 9mm


ch = chain

slst = slip stitch

hdc = half-double crochet

F/O = finish off (ch1, cut yarn and pull tail through to create a knot)

Ear Warmer Pattern

  1. (Color 1- Silver) Create enough chains to wrap snugly around head (Remember- stitches will stretch slightly so don’t make it too loose!). Create a loop by Joining w/ slst in 1st ch

  2. Ch2 & create 1hdc in each stitch. Join w/ slst in 2nd ch.

  3. Repeat step 2. Join w/ slst & change to Color 2

  4. - 6. (Color 2- Navy) Ch2, create 1hdc in each stitch & join w/ slst in 2nd ch. After row 6, F/O & weave tail.

© Copyright Notice: You have permission to sell the finished product for this pattern. If products are sold online, please give credit to The Knotted Nail by providing a link to my blog (, or to my Etsy store ( Rewriting, reselling, distributing or copying the pattern itself is prohibited. Thank you for your understanding and happy crocheting!

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