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Maker Monday: Cute & Cuddly Free Moose Amigurumi!

It's Monday, which means another installment of my Maker Monday Shout-Out series! Today, I'm sharing this HUGE free moose amigurumi pattern by Rikke Lyngholm that I used in a recent order for a close friend of mine and her adorable little boy.

Now when I say this project is huge, I don't mean just fits comfortably in a child's arms... I mean it's the same SIZE as the child! That's crazy! (and also super adorable)

What I love most about this project is the simplicity of the design and how easy it was to assemble all of the pieces. If you've followed my Maker Monday posts in the past, you know I'm a sucker for basic designs that don't include a lot of unnecessary pieces.

I did make a couple slight changes to the original design for my order, such as the brown coloring of the body, using a larger size crochet hook (I-9 (5.5mm)), and shortening the length of the ears to stop after row 16, then creating 1 decrease in each for row 17 (15 stitches in total for row). I also included a shnazzy buffalo plaid bow tie to pull together the entire look, and since mom has been obsessed with my buffalo plaid beanie (available for sale on my Etsy page!), it felt like just the right addition.

If you're having all the fall feels like I am lately and want to try your hand at this big guy for yourself, check out the link below for the free pattern!

-> Crochet Moose by Rikke Lyngholm <-

Note: Page will need to be translated to English!

**Disclaimer: I lay no claims as originator of the following project, and all images used are my own/given permission to use. Credit has been given to the originator, with links directing to their websites/postings.

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