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Maker Monday: Lovable Free Lion Amigurumi Pattern!

Happy Monday friends! As you can tell from the title of this post, today I'm sharing a lovable lion amigurumi pattern for today's Maker Monday Shout-Out! This adorable little guy was made by the incredibly talented Jess Huff, who you may remember from my Ultimate Unicorn posting earlier this year. Jess has created an amazing collection of safari amigurumi animals that are the absolute cutest things I have ever seen - and they make the perfect addition for any Noah's Ark themed baby showers or nurseries!

As I've mentioned with Jess's patterns before, I'm obsessed with the simplicity in her designs. She's able to create these incredible animal patterns without including some of those tiny little details that are sometimes more of a pain to assemble than the amount they add to the overall appearance.

For my project pictured below, I did make a few changes- some little ones and some big. For starters, I decided to go with more of a golden yellow color for the body instead of the "cornmeal" color Jess used in her example. I also decided to forgo the arm and leg pads included in the free pattern, and just opted to start with the cream color for the feet and switch to yellow once I reached the "BLO" rounds (like I said before, sometimes I can't be bothered with little details in a time-crunch).

The only big change I decided to make was creating individual hairs all around the face and back of the head for the lion's mane, rather than the scallop mane in Jess's version. This definitely took a lot more time and patience to complete, but I think it really added that realistic touch I was looking for in the end product. (If you would like a breakdown of how I assemble hair on my amigurumi projects, let me know in the comments below!)

-> Click here to check out the free pattern for <-

Laurence the Lion!

**Disclaimer: I lay no claims as originator of the following project, and all images used are my own. Credit has been given to the originator, with links directing to their websites/postings.

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