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Free Pattern Friday: "X's & O's" Ear Warmer!

I will admit that I've started and re-started this pattern about a dozen times- deciding which stitches I wanted to use and getting the sizing just right. I wanted to design something with puff stitches on the outside and intercrossing stitches towards the middle, but which stitch to use! There are so many of them! Waffle stitches, zig zag stitches, and yes I even tried the Tunisian stitch (which was quite difficult getting all of those loops on a normal length hook). Nothing seemed to be working how I wanted though. I needed something was was dense and "complex looking" while still retaining its stretch & softness.

That's when I discovered the "Celtic Weave" stitch. It was perfect! It gave me the criss-cross design, density AND it stretches. This stitch is also very simple to use for this design. It's actually the exact same way you would crochet a cable stitch, except rather than crocheting in front of the first 2 stitches, you crochet behind them (I'll include written instructions on how to complete it, don't worry).

This pattern uses chains, slip stitch, single crochets, double crochets, triple crochets, and puff stitches. We will also be working in rows rather than rounds, however the pattern can easily be modified to be worked in rounds by slip stitching into the beginning chain at the end and not turning at the beginning of each round.

Keep scrolling for the free pattern!

X’s & O’s Ear Warmer


1 skein weight 4 yarn (I used Red Heart Super Saver in “Claret” )



I - 5.5mm


ch = chain

slst = slip stitch

sc = single crochet

dc = double crochet

tc = triple crochet (yarn over 2x in beginning & pull through 2 loops 3x)

F/O = finish off (ch1, cut yarn and pull tail through to create a knot)


If you would like to work this pattern in a round rather than in rows, join with a slip stitch into the chain at the end of each round & don’t turn after chaining in the beginning of each round. All other steps remain the same.

Puff Stitch Instructions

This pattern uses a “puff stitch”. The written instruction on how to complete this stitch is as follows:

Yarn over and insert hook into stitch. Yarn over again and pull loop through stitch, bringing your hook up to the same height as your previous stitch (will need to pull loops up high to achieve “puffy” look). Repeat this action 2 more times through the same stitch/space until there are 7 loops in total on hook.Yarn over and pull through all 7 loops, then ch 1 to lock in loops.

Celtic Weave Stitch Instructions

This pattern uses the “Celtic Weave” stitch, and works in blocks of 4 stitches at a time. The written instruction on how to complete this stitch is as follows:

Skip the first 2 stitches & tc into the 3rd & 4th stitches.Move the hook behind the two completed stitches & tc into the 1st skipped stitch, then the 2nd skipped stitch. This should create a criss-cross design. Continue the same pattern (skip 2, tc 2x & go back and tc 2x) down the rest of the row starting in the stitch immediately after the last tc.

Ear Warmer Pattern

  1. Ch 66. Insert hook into 2nd ch from hook and 1sc in each stitch till end of row (65)

  2. Ch3 & turn. 1dc in same stitch as ch. In next stitch, create a puff stitch. Continue to follow this pattern (1dc, puff stitch) till the end of row (you will end with 1dc)

  3. Ch1 & turn. 1sc in each stitch (65)

  4. Ch3 & turn. 1dc in same stitch as chain. In next 4 stitches, create “celtic weave” stitch (see instructions above). Continue to complete celtic weave stitch in each group of 4 stitches until end of row. Create 1dc in 4th tc stitch of last celtic weave.

  5. Ch1 & turn. 1sc in each stitch.

  6. Ch3 & turn. 1dc in same stitch as ch. In next stitch, create a puff stitch. Continue to follow this pattern (1dc, puff stitch) till the end of row. You will end with 1dc.

  7. Ch1 & turn. 1sc in each stitch.

  8. Fold band in half with wrong sides facing out. Create 1slst in each stitch across end to sew band together. F/O & weave ends.

© Copyright Notice: You have permission to sell the finished product for this pattern. If products are sold online, please give credit to The Knotted Nail by providing a link to my blog (www.TheKnottedNail.com), or to my Etsy store (www.TheKnottedNail.etsy.com). Rewriting, reselling, distributing or copying the pattern itself is prohibited. Thank you for your understanding and happy crocheting!



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