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Free Pattern Friday: Silver Bells Winter Beanie!

Good morning my loves! I swear one of these days I'll post something other than a winter hat or ear warmer. However, today is not that day. I come to you with a free pattern for my winter "Silver Bells" beanie! This project was so much fun to make and I can't wait to share it with all of you!

I started this beanie while watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas with my sister, and I'm pretty sure I had it finished by the crowning of the Holiday Cheermeister- so maybe an hour or so? It may seem daunting with the alternating heart pattern, but as long as you know how to create crochets you're golden!

The hardest part (if hard at all) was carrying the silver yarn throughout each single crochet row that create the hearts. I wanted to make sure the silver yarn was behind each and every stitch so it didn't show through the front (which the yarn is thick enough where it won't).

Important Notes:

The main note I want to add with this pattern is when creating the double crochet row around the edge of the ribbed band, you need to make sure your total number of stitches is divisible by 4. Every hat will differ depending on how big the band is to fit around your head, so if it doesn't come of perfectly divisible by 4 you may need to create increases or decreases in a couple of stitches. However, this won't affect the look or shape of your hat.

You also don't need to cut the silver yarn at all until the very end when finishing off. When completing each double crochet row, you can drop the silver yarn and work with navy only, then simply pick the yarn back up at the beginning of the single crochet row to carry it through.

Creating the Pom Pom:

For the pom pom, I created it like every other one I make using the toilet paper roll technique. I did experiment slightly with trying to create more of a fur texture by running a comb through each strand after trimming the ends. I was pleasantly surprised with how it came out- not quite the thin strand texture of fur pom poms, but it's definitely softer & more cushion-y than a traditional one. Not sure how well this would work as well, but you can also experiment with running a hair straightener over the strands on a very low heat setting to try and straighten them out a little more.

If you're interested in a project to create using the extra skeins of yarn, check out my Color-Block Ear Warmer as well!

An ad-free, large print PDF version is available for $3.99 at my Etsy Store!

Silver Bells Winter Beanie


1 skein weight 6 yarn in 2 colors (I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in “Navy” and Lion Brand Hometown USA in “Springfield Silver” )


Tapestry Needle

2 toilet paper rolls (optional)


N - 9mm


ch = chain

slst = slip stitch

sc = single crochet

dc = double crochet

dec= decrease (crochet 2 stitches together)

F/O = finish off (ch1, cut yarn and pull tail through to create a knot)


  • For the ribbed band, each stitch is worked in the back loop only

  • When creating double crochets in the side of the band, I generally create 1dc in the top of the “rib” and 1dc in the stitch between

  • When creating the single crochet rows with the “V” pattern, you will hold the silver yarn in the back of each stitch and carry it throughout the round by crocheting around it. Once the sc round is complete, drop the silver (DO NOT CUT!) & create the dc rounds with navy only. Pick the silver strand back up when starting next sc round

  • When creating the “V” pattern, insert hook in stitch, yarn over w/ silver & pull through, then yarn over with navy and pull through both loops

Ribbed Band Pattern

  1. (Silver) Ch 7, insert hook into 2nd chain from hook.1sc in each stitch (6)

  2. Ch1 & turn. 1sc in back loop of each stitch (starting w/ same stitch as chain)

  3. Continue to create rows working in back loop only until band wraps snugly around head (Remember- band will stretch over time so don’t make it too loose!)

  4. Once desired length, fold band in half & create 1sc in each stitch across to connect. Do not cut yarn.

Beanie Pattern

  1. Change to Navy (don’t cut silver), with navy ch 2 & create 1dc in each stitch around top of band. The total number of crochets in this round will differ depending on how long the band is (should be a multiple of 4- I used 40 & fits a Sm. Adult size). Join w/ slst in 2nd ch

  2. (*V row) Ch1. Create 2sc using navy & 1 ”V” using silver (follow instructions in notes). Create 3sc in navy & 1 “V” using silver. Continue this pattern (3sc, “V”) until end of round- you will end with 1sc in navy. Join w/ slst in ch1

  3. Ch2. Create 1dc in each stitch. Join w/ slst in 2nd ch.(*Alternating V row)

  4. Ch1. Create 1 “V” using silver in 1st stitch & create 3sc using navy. Continue this pattern (1 “V” & 3sc) until end of row- you will end with 3sc. Join w/ slst in ch1

  5. Ch2. Create 1dc in each stitch. Join w/ slst in 2nd ch.

  6. Repeat steps 2-5 until desired hat length- should end with V row.

  7. Once desired hat height: (Navy) Ch2, 1dc & dec. Continue pattern (1dc, dec) until end of round. Join w/ slst

  8. Ch2 & dec in each. Join w/ slst. F/O & cut

  9. With hat inside out, attach tapestry needle to long piece of navy yarn & weave needle in & out of stitches. Pull top of hat together very tightly & tie.

Pom-Pom Instructions

  1. Using 2 toilet paper rolls, place yarn in-between the two rolls & tuck tail (approx. 8 inches) into one tube to keep out of the way

  2. Carefully begin to wrap yarn around both tubes until desired size (the more yarn that is wrapped, the bigger and more dense the pom-pom)

  3. Once finished wrapping, slip yarn between the two tubes on one side & pull tail between tubes on the other side. Tie two strands together tightly. Slip strands between tubes again & tie together on the other side

  4. Taking a sharp pair of scissors, begin cutting in the middle of the loops on one side & slip out tube from loops on other side (you may need to tighten the knot in the middle). Once secure, begin cutting the loops on the other side

  5. Hold the two tails together and gently shake pom-pom to fluff strands. Trim down strands with scissors

  6. Attach pom-pom to top of hat by inserting hook through top & pulling one tail through. Repeat with other tail on the opposite side of the top. Tie pom-pom down tightly on inside of hat.

© Copyright Notice: You have permission to sell the finished product for this pattern. If products are sold online, please give credit to The Knotted Nail by providing a link to my blog (, or to my Etsy store ( Rewriting, reselling, distributing or copying the pattern itself is prohibited. Thank you for your understanding and happy crocheting!

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