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D.I.Y Hat Display for Under $10!

I've been trying to come up with different features and elements I can include to spice up my pictures and overall business presentation. One problem I'm always faced with is that I have nowhere in my house that's perfect for displaying my projects. Sure I can lay them flat on a blanket or table, but where's the fun in that? Creating these displays allow me to show a more realistic depiction of how my projects will look when worn- and I'm obsessed with how cute they are!

This display took me about an hour and a half to make, which included a lot of going back and forth deciding how I wanted the rope to wrap. Although this method of wrapping around in a spiral design is a bit tedious, it definitely gives the most clean & full look to the finished product. It also allowed me to conserve the most amount of materials while covering the foam ball entirely. I tried wrapping the rope around randomly like a ball of yarn, but I found it would bunch and overlap too much at the top and bottom, and left too big of spaces between strands so the foam would show through. I also highly recommend using as little hot glue as possible when tacking the rope down to minimize any gaping between the strands and prevent the glue from showing once dried/hardened.

Keep scrolling for the step by step instructions to create this easy and simple hat display for your own projects!

DIY Hat Display Instructions


5" Styrofoam ball

1/4" Wooden dowel

1 Roll natural burlap jute twine

Hot glue gun w/ 3-4 glue sticks

Medium sized jar or container

Filling material (sand, poly pellets, marbles, etc.)

Step 1: Attach end of rope to the top of the styrofoam ball using a small dot of hot glue

Step 2: Begin wrapping the rope in a spiral motion around the top of the ball. *Remember to use as small amount of glue as possible to avoid gaping and the glue showing through*

Step 3: Continue wrapping the rope around the ball, making sure each round lays completely flat against the ball (not on top of other strands) and stays tight and close together so the foam doesn't show between strands.

Step 4: Once there is about a 2 inch area left to wrap, insert the dowel roughly 2 inches down into the center of the space. Take the dowel back out, add a generous amount of hot glue into the hole and around the end of the dowel, and re-insert. You can also add a thin layer of hot glue around where the dowel begins to stick out of the ball for more support.

Step 5: Finish wrapping the rope around the last section until no foam is showing. Cut the rope & tack down with a small amount of hot glue to secure. Fill the jar or container with your filling material of choice & insert dowel (you may need to hot glue the dowel to the bottom of the container, then add filling material if dowel is a little wobbly).

And there you have it! A fun, easy & cheap hat display to give your business a little presentation boost!

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