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10+ Unique Display Ideas to Transform Your Business!

Happy Tuesday everyone! We're currently in the 4th week of 2018 and my new years resolutions are still cruising right along. Apart from the obvious "health & wellness" promises that I think everyone on the planet makes this time of year, I've also vowed to improve my business inside and out. One element that has always bothered me is the quality and "effort" I put into my pictures and displays. I'll be honest with you - most of the time I find myself snapping pictures of my projects when I'm running late right before work. I'm horrrrrrible with time management! I never actually sit down and just brainstorm all of the elements I could be incorporating into my pictures to make them better. The real issue: I actually have nothing to use that showcases my projects!

One of the major keys to success for any business is finding ways to set yourself apart from the competition through packaging & presentation. There's a reason it's one of the fundamental strategies in business marketing. Customers aren't going to spot you out of a sea of competitors without giving them a reason to. Being unique and putting a creative spin on your projects and presentation is a great way to boost sales.

My go-to set ups typically involve laying a project out on a table or textured blanket, add a couple accent decorations around, and call it a day. It's all fine and dandy, but where's the WOW factor? That's when I consulted my dear friend Pinterest and came up with a couple eye-catching display ideas - one of which I'm building as we speak! These ideas are great for all needs and events: social media pictures, advertising, craft fairs- you name it! Most of the materials can be found either at the dollar store, Walmart and even thrift stores, making these displays below both fun and inexpensive! Keep scrolling for some awesome display ideas, and check out my Pinterest board for more!

**Disclaimer: I lay no claims as originator of the following projects & images. Credit has been given to the originators, with links directing to their websites/postings.

Hats & Head Accessories

DIY Hat Display by The Knotted Nail

Wooden Candlestick & Foam Ball by Tugboat Yarning

Balloon Hat Display by Catherine Losing Photography

Crochet Hat Stand by Handy Crafter

DIY Rustic Headband Holder by Unknown

*This link doesn't connect to the original post (could not be found), however the image above shows materials needed & steps for construction. If anyone knows the creator, please let me know in the comments below so I can give proper credit!

Scarves & Neck Accessories

Spray Painted Sticks & Vase by Kammy's Korner

Coat Rack Display by The Pleated Poppy

Drying Rack Scarf Display by Unknown

Fence Scarf Display by Unknown

Gloves & Hand Accessories

Plaster Hand Display by Facet Jewelry

Wire Hand Display by Robo Margo

Stuffed Glove Hand Display by Lilruby

**Disclaimer: I lay no claims as originator of the following projects & images. Credit has been given to the originators, with links directing to their websites/postings.



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